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Customs Brokerage

Domestic Freight Forwarding

As a fully licensed Customs House Agent, we arrange the import and export clearance of goods and services for clients through customs and other government agencies. We look at our clients’ businesses as extensions of ours, so we ask pertinent questions and vet clients’ documents to ensure that goods are cleared compliantly.

We are responsible for knowing all the rules that exist in the industry and ensuring that they are followed to streamline the process of clearance. We take the place of our clients in facing the stress of dealing with government officials so that our clients can focus more on managing their businesses. We carefully expedite action in all our activities to avoid unnecessary rent charges that accrue because of delays, thus shrinking the profit margins of our clients. To do this, we make it our objective to handle and deliver shipments to our clients within the shortest possible time.

International Freight Forwarding

We have established a global presence to coordinate international freight forwarding. This is made possible through our strategic partnerships with global forwarders like Schenker, Agility and Bertling.

Our international freight forwarding activities include the following:

  1. Providing cost-effective and efficient cargo shipping solutions based on the customer’s requirement
  2. Arranging storage for the cargo
  3. Organizing the distribution or “forwarding” of the shipment as per the instructions of the client
  4. Negotiating freight rates with the shipping/airline
  5. Booking shipment with the shipping/airline as per the requirement of the client
  6. Processing all relevant shipping documents such as certificates of origin, customs and port documentation, bills of lading and associated shipping/negotiating documentation
  7. Arranging transportation of the cargo from/to the customers’ premises and port